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Yet another day has been added to the chocolate celebration calendar. Not to be confused with ‘World Chocolate Day’ on July 7th, International Chocolate Day on 13th September is a sweet promotion put together by the US National Confectioners Association to salute the inventor of the Hershey Bar. But is gives us all a perfect opportunity to focus on all things chocolate related and an excuse to seek out our favourite chocolate shops and local artisan makers to make it a very special Chocolate Day.

Chocolate Cooky loves to create beautiful truffles and soft centres, and experimenting with new recipes. Our ‘champagne style’ truffles using a sparkling wine were enthusiastically received over the summer. We aim to use high quality chocolate either milk, dark or white, from suppliers who use sustainable sources.

So this is the day for ordering your favourite chocolates.

Order from our online shop by 13th September and you will be entered into a very special prize draw with a chance to win one of our beautiful presentation boxes of truffles. 2 runners up will receive 4 chocolate dipping hearts each.

Chocolate Cooky

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