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We know that a square of dark chocolate every day is good for us, but we thought you might like to learn about the latest chocolate ‘trend’ If you practice yoga, mindfulness or meditation you might

not have heard about ‘Ceremonial Cacao’ Your practitioners could soon be saying that your spiritual healing can be completed by sharing a hot chocolate drink made using special ‘ceremonial’ cocoa bean paste, minimally processed under low temperatures to maximise the health benefits. When consumed it is said to generate a particularly potent ‘heart warming’ sensation in the body.

All over the world yoga retreats and mindfulness centres are incorporating ‘Ceremonial Cacao’ into their activities and claiming all sorts of benefits which have not yet been fully proved. You can of course purchase this pure chocolate paste from some specialist suppliers and try it for yourself.

Or you could just take time out of a busy day to relax with our beautiful handmade truffles, made with high quality dark chocolate. Or try some of our chocolate ‘dipping’ hearts in hot milk, which

will give a luxury mug of hot chocolate perfect for creating your own personal ‘Ceremonial Cacao’ moment. We make no claim to the health benefits but we like to think that receiving a box of our chocolates would make you or someone you love happy. Always good in these uncertain times.

With thanks to Cocoa Runners, promoting the best craft chocolate

Chocolate Cooky

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What a lovely idea. I practice yoga and have occasionally been offered a square of dark chocolate after a class - but this is a reminder to incorporate it more often after my home practice too.

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