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From 14th to 19th October yet another opportunity to celebrate chocolate and chocolate related foods. A week where we can seek out our favourite local suppliers of chocolates, support our favourite chocolatiers, find the best chocolate gifts for our friends and families or be good to ourselves.

Make this the week in October as Autumn closes around us and Christmas is only just on the horizon, when you can draw the curtains, light the lamp, put on a fabulous movie, and open the luxurious box of chocolates you have ordered for yourself. Alternatively dip one of our chocolate hearts into hot milk for that perfectly delicious hot chocolate drink.

You may have a friend in need, a birthday person or just want to say hello to family far away. Chocolate Cooky can post out directly a pretty presentation box and personalised message. All our chocolates are made by hand in small batches to keep them fresh.

Chocolate Cooky is out and about again in our local area and we will keep our customers posted about these events. In the meantime we are about to include our favourite Christmas flavours into our stock, such as port and cranberry dark truffles, Christmas pudding cups, and rum and raisin truffles plus a few new recipes!

Chocolate Cooky

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