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Make February 14th a special day

We know that booking an expensive restaurant to celebrate St Valentines Day is not always the best way to say 'I love you' . A much better option is to present your loved one or special person with a gift of our delicious truffles, the pretty pink ribbon and little box just waiting to be unwrapped.

We can't promise that perfect romantic interlude, but gifting chocolate, and the thought of savouring chocolate, creates anticipation. It can be a great signal; for example it can show you’ve been thoughtful, and appreciate your partner's likes (and dislikes)

The aromas, tastes and textures of chocolate are evocative and stimulating, savouring chocolate is also a wonderfully sensual and sensory pleasure. It’s mood enhancing. Chocolate is a great way to start treating your Valentine. It shows you care and want to share.

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