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New vegan, vegetarian, gluten free chocolates

We have been trying for some time to perfect a recipe for chocolates that will suit our customers asking for 'plant based' chocolate truffles. This is a big ask, as our regular truffles are of course essentially dairy and sugar based. Our dark chocolate is already gluten free, but not the milk.

After experimenting with several brands of vegan chocolate, which did not handle well, we were delighted when one of our suppliers announced they were producing a new 'plant based, milk style' chocolate, which produces a good finish.

We are pleased to report that we can supply totally 'plant based' milk style, chocolate truffles with a truffle centre made with non dairy plant based cream mixed with brown sugar. We cannot keep a big stock of these but are happy to make up special orders for our customers with advance notice. We can of course also make a dark chocolate version.

Several of our customers have now tried our new truffle and declared it to be as delicious as our regular recipe. Do let us know if you wish to send a box to a friend who would appreciate this 'vegan' range.

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