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Small steps and special occasions

When we had the first idea about starting a very small business producing handmade truffles in our home kitchen we branded ourselves as Chocolate Cooky, as the collective name for my husband's extended family was the Cookies. After some tweaking so as not to be confused with biscuits we were ready. Good recipes, and friends and family convinced us that our chocolates were good enough to take out into the wider world.

2021 is now our tenth anniversary. Over the last ten years, while taking our chocolates

to many local fetes and fairs around Kent and East Sussex,we have steadily improved our skills in

our kitchen, thinking of new flavours for our delicious truffles and hand produced chocolate shells with soft centres.

Any time of the year is perfect for our customers to buy online from our newly launched website.

Let us choose a selection of milk and dark chocolates for your special occasion, a thank you, or just a celebration that says we made it through a hard time. We will welcome you to our doorstep to collect or post out as a surprise for a special person

Allyson & Richard Cook

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