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What's in a name?

While you are dipping into one of our boxes of chocolate truffles you might pause to wonder just who invented the marvellous combination of melted cream, sugar and chocolate rolled together and dipped into another layer of dark or milk chocolate. It may be that because hand rolled truffles are such a luxury and the shape can be seen as similar to the fungi truffle that this is how they got their name. But just who came up with the recipe? Three French chefs have claimed to be the inventors of this delicious chocolate delicacy.

The earliest claims are for a Paris playwright turned confectioner. Paul Sirauadin created a 'bon bon' called a 'creme ganache' in 1869. He named it after a popular comedy, written by a friend of his.

'Les Ganaches' translates as 'The Idiots'

Next up the French patissier Louis Dufour, running out of stock and ideas, made up a batch of

'ganache'. This was chocolate mixed with cream, shaped into round balls, and dipped into melted chocolate.

Thirdly, and most often credited as the real inventor was the famous Chef August Escoffier in the 1920's. According to legend one of his apprentices poured hot cream into a bowl of chocolate instead of a bowl of eggs and sugar. Escoffier yelled 'ganache' (idiot) but then realised the mixture could be rolled into balls and dusted with cocoa power.

Whichever version you like to believe there are now many variations to the original recipe, which allows Chocolatiers to be creative with their flavours while retaining the true magic of melted chocolate, cream and sugar rolled into a round ball and either dusted with cocoa powder or dipped in a hard chocolate casing. This well loved luxury treat has been around for a hundred years and as long as Chocolatiers continue to reinvent the traditional recipe it is likely to remain a favourite for many more years to come.

With thanks to Cocoa Runners for allowing us to use their material as a resource

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