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World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is here. Every year on 7th July the day is dedicated to celebrating the wonderful creation known as chocolate.

Some facts you make like to know

Sweet chocolate comes from the cocoa mass which is prepared from fermenting cacao seeds which have an intensely bitter taste

Several types of chocolate are classified according to the proportion of cocoa used in a particular fermentation. The percentages of cocoa mass range from milk at 33% to extremely bitter and dark at 90%

Chocolate Cooky uses most of the popular types of chocolate to create our truffles and shells, including milk, dark and white. Our milk chocolates use a percentage of 33% and our dark chocolate is 54% to 70% which is not too bitter to complement our flavours.

This is a perfect day to order a box of chocolates to share with friends and family or just indulge in our chocolatey treats with your favourite movie.

Make World Chocolate Day this year sweet and special

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